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Owl House
Cafe | Grill

Food revolutionizes

Main St Location: 919 864 0820

Butner location: 919 529 4327


209N Main St, Creedmoor, Nc USA 27522

Hours of Operation
Monday ............... Closed
Tuesday ............... 6am-3pm
Wednesday ......... 6am-3pm
Thursday ............. 6am-3pm
Friday .................. 6am-3pm
Saturday .............. 8am-3pm
Sunday .................. Closed

Services offered for your convenience:
- Delivery up to 20-miles
- Curbside Pick up
- Calling for Pick-up
- Catering
- Dine-in Main St. location
Dine-in available at 2555 Capital Dr, Creedmoor 27522 (50% seating capacity)

2nd Location

2555 Capitol Dr, Creedmoor, Nc 27522(919) 529-4327

Hours of Operation
Monday - 11am-2pm -- 5pm-9pm
Tuesday - 11am-2pm -- 5pm-9pm
Wednesday - 11am-2pm -- 5pm-9pm
Thursday - 11am-2pm -- 5pm-9pm
Friday - 11am-2pm -- 5pm-9pm
Saturday - 11am-2pm -- 5pm-9pm
Sunday -Closed

Services offered for your convenience
- Curbside Pick up must call to check in
- Catering
- Dine-in

Consumer Advisory

We appreciate your visit to the Owl House Café, and we thank you for your business.
Consumer Advisory:
All food prepared at the Owl House Café may contain or come in contact with:
Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Soybeans, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, and/or Fish.
Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Ask an associate for all pork substitutes.
For any delivery special circumstances, please call and discuss options with an associate.


Owl House Cafe | Grill strives to earn your 5-star rating, nothing less! Servicing over 4000 Customers a month. We consistently deliver on the promise!
Simple, clean, and healthy food that adds value to both your health and your wallet!
We are not shy from competing with your classic BIG box chain store. For us, it's simple.
We believe in treating people like you want to be treated, serving our customers on every visit while delivering the best food, and award-winning Barista drinks for an unforgettable experience.
-We won Neighborhood Favorite in 2017 & 2018.
-5 Stars on Google
-4.5 stars on Yelp (We discourage Yelp because they hide your reviews selectively!)
-5 Stars On Trip Advisor
We are open to feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions. We are always looking for a way to improve and add value for our customers. We believe that the Owl House Cafe | Grill is better than previous days because we apply solutions immediately extracted from our customers to improve our practice.
We look forward to seeing you soon!


Q: Why did the Owl House Cafe stop taking orders over the phone?
The main reason was to eliminate human error. We were getting a lot of returns/waste to accommodate for customer satisfaction. I know this step will not please many customers. However, this is the direction that we are willing to maintain for both customer satisfaction and waste management. We offer a dedicated account manager for all business customers. The account manager will be taking orders on behalf of the business customer and payment for their convenience.
Q: Is Owl House Cafe a Franchise?
A: No - OHC is a Family owned operated Cafe and Grill.
Q: Is Owl House Cafe on Main St. Creedmoor Location moving?
A: We are opening up an additional location; we are not planning on moving the Main St. location.
Q: Why doesn't Owl House Cafe serve pork products?
A: We do not serve any pork or alcohol in any of our OHC locations, due to our personal beliefs. All food served are Hallal clean and healthy! The Lord is our witness, honor, and has our respect for all!
Q: I saw bacon, ham and sausage on the menu. What kind of meat is that?
A: Turkey Bacon, Turkey Ham and Turkey Sausage. Please try us on the house if you never had it before, and you may be in for a fresh surprise.
Q: What are the Owl House Cafe Goals?
A: -To serve the community with delicious treats. To grow our business to become more profitable and sustainable. To build a starter franchise. Build concrete team members to help us grow and expand expansion through acquisitions. Continue learning about new market trends and stipulations. Innovate a revolutionary way to execute a clean business surrounding the latest IT solutions available to the consumer.
Q: Why is the Owl House Cafe Main St. location so small?
A: This was our start-up location, and since then we have learned a lot! It was a small footprint meant for a low-risk investment and high potential. We stretch every square inch of the place to serve you. However, our newest location is four times bigger for your convenience.
Q: Why doesn't the new location menu match the original location?
A: Eventually it will match. For now the new location is still in a soft opening phase.
Q: What does a soft opening mean?
A: This is a "beta" or pre-launch trial. We use the soft opening to identify the gaps, help further any training and onboard new members to our families.
Q: When is the grand opening?
A: It is still unknown to us. We will update you as soon as we can.
You also can track the progress on how far the menu matches the original location. So far we are at 45% progress.
Q: Why don't you match everything you're doing at the new location at the Main St. location?
A: It is easier said than done. With a seating capacity of over 60+ seats, the challenge is to produce a consistently delicious menu with a new staff and 600% more logistical overhead. After all, we are still in the learning process.
I will continue populating the most frequently asked questions to help answer questions from our community. Thank you very much for your continued help and support!


Established in 2017.We started the business as a husband and wife duo who lived in Paris and were searching for the best morning croissant and delicious fresh bread. We set out to bring that experience, and more, to downtown Creedmoor. Owl House Cafe welcomes everyone to feel right at home from your first visit. We want to make our shop about people. With the help of feedback from our neighbors, we were able to shape the best store in town with world-class customer service and care, fresh baking, homemade ice cream, breakfast, lunch, desserts, and fresh coffee.

Who are we?

Owl House Cafe is where French and American cultures meet in a cozy cafe that will make you feel right at home.
Enjoy our all-day breakfast, delicious lunch options, coffee, latte, espresso drinks, and our pastries. We make everything from scratch, and we handpick every ingredient daily to make sure we deliver the best the market has to offer, so you can count on everything being a fresh, flavorful, delicious, and unforgettable experience. Relax in our comfortable space or take your order to-go. We can also bring the party to you with our Catering specials and services. You can even call in an order ahead of time to make sure you get a tasty treat without skipping a beat in your day. Welcome to your new favorite one-stop-shop for simple, delicious, and healthy dishes and friendly service from a team that cares about you and your loved one!

Meet the Owners

Jay, Bella and Sara are proud to present the type of business that Creedmoor needed: A bakery that listens to people and offers baked-from-scratch goodies and world-class customer service. We treat people the same way we would want to be treated and encourage you to come by and tell us what you are craving -- odds are, you will find it here. We try our best to bring French tradition to Creedmoor with simple, delicious, healthy food, and most of all, a clean and inviting space!


Owl House Cafe has expanded to serve a new location with new potential. It is built from scratch centered around customer demands and needs. The Owl House Cafe | Grill is located at 2555 Capitol Dr, Creedmoor NC 27522, right across from Vance Granville Community College. The Cafe is currently open to the public from 5pm-9pm.
This location offers a full menu.
We appreciate all our customers help and support!
The donut and ice cream shop is now open from 5pm-9pm.
All stores online ordering are enabled -Skip the line and send your order directly to the kitchen.

Owl House Cafe|Grill - Now Hiring!

Owl House Cafe | Grill
Location: 2555 Capitol Dr, Creedmoor Nc 27522
Consider sending us your information below for immediate consideration. [Product, Sales, Services, and/or Employment.]

Return Policy

We care about your experience and we want you to love it or return it.Return Policy:
- All food returns are accepted within one hour of the delivery (Kitchen manager must inspect it to validate the concerns.)
- Returns can be exchanged for the same item or item value.
- Returns for none-kitchen fault are subject to a 30% restocking fee.
- All valid returns can be qualified for store credit only.
Your satisfaction is our goal, and we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

Owl House Cafe -Main Street location Menu

209N Main st, Creedmoor, Nc 27522